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miss you

‥the sun attacked my window, has own fancy to see what i do, if somehow am i still miss you or feelings got lost, while ago ‥it's a joy's room thru my head with the scent of life's bouquet, i access it, time to time, a little, it's as if i'd have some chouette ‥its music borders me, subtly, its lips are overlapping on mine, the red kiss, not old, not young, have the taste of a gentle wine ‥if the sun detected any answer, if its gleams sent arousals to you, if my whispers operate you wildly, it's cos my dreamy eyes are blue
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lost and found

i am the one who has the diploma in not to be an option to nobody ✳ i graduated discipline of being authentic chic and, — a bizarre laconic ✳ on the brevet is written, — i'm not an easy friend on the contrary ✳ i'm qualified to qualify you to be and lost and found, using chicaneries and the fiasco's rhymes ✳ some grin, some laugh to hide their failure, — and that's tacitly pitiable but also very typical ✳ i listened to, — accidental... banal coffee time, the whispers of the life

back for more

...present day came equipped in the day of yesterday, as if it's gotten back for more, to perform in you, — [you...], [my naughty dream installed at the sun's extremities] ✳ furtively, i looked at it, puzzling itself in the own love, embellished with the beads of the moments lived at the neck of thoughts while it studied amour's ABCs, [and...], [and timidly, the present day has stolen me a smile] ✳ in a flash, happiness wings grew gently from my soul, in my chest, the insanity of impatience begun to waltz, emotions knew they're translated by no other than you, [all in all…] [all in all, romance language intimidates, whatever day]

never let you down

i castrated the rancor of some people, applying to them without hesitation, the sensuality of flowers' tranquility, letting 'em perceive just my bouquet ✰ tempting crust and core of my smile, i tinted it with the belle spirit and soul of the words' simplicity, to nourish joy which, like a corset, belts their thighs ✰ when the sky's light is tousling beauty, my eyes linger on its savory message, – life, robed in the attire of poets in love has the calling to never let you down

stay awhile

the morning ran emotionally wild, and me, i've had a mood to whistle, probably because of the pipe dream that ended with... passionate kisses the midday, to stay awhile longer, it wished for some naughty break, probably to smoke the sensations i live 'em, when i think about... sex the night looks trained, but it isn't, once that's inside, my love reacts, like a time bomb, i blow up desire, probably because... i love you a lot

in love

in love, — the romance of dawn has sent to sleep the poetry which I composed it (last night) but if you'll feel a thirst for me drink its whispers spiced in lust, decanted in my inviting waves can't you catch the message… let your heart roll the dice to find its idyllic sculpture, twinkling it's chiseled with desire's breeze and satinized in sea's pigment at the hour of our vulnerabilities

nightmares are fond memories

the longing's light is on, — about an hour will let me lounge the mental pictures urge, — i'm faced with all you'll do to me frissons and butterflies rouse, — my eyes utter what mouth can't in love with the present, — the moment lives me, i live it too your joy was to please me, — nightmares are fond memories orgasm tacit in unison, — you smile, i smile, — sleep tight [my p'tit je ne sais quoi], —  [🫦 … poetic Stockholmsvy]