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If a smile can mean sometimes...
I adore you!
You're funny!
C'mon, you piss me off!
Ooh, how much I like what you're telling me...
I missed you!
Of course, I want!!!
Are you crazy?
Mmm, I love that part of your mind...
You know that dream... I want to be real.
Clearly, Not!
You lie, I know when you lie...
Hmm, you're sincere, I think I like you...
I'll never forget you!
I don't think so...
Don't forget me!
Wait for me!
Kiss me, please! Get wild!
Could you guess what means my smile now?

Goldenface │  PRTY ANML

bunch of emotions organized in words

what's sealed there, it's felt here deeply

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ  ;₎₎ ᴴᵘᵍ