If you try to love me thru the question mark, better do not.
Nor even any point upon the «i» on me don not annex.
With apostrophe do not express yourself before my eyes.
Neither straight lines nor the round parentheses.
Hyphen, hiatus or small abbreviations, the comma or
the mark of exclamation or even if a dot it's on your handy,
use 'em without error, rapidly, without any corrections, suffix,
prefix, syllables, thous of interjections, numerals, and
everything in them because is one of proves that our love
it has been written for being played and spoken only at plural.
The vowels, like fruits predicted by flowers of the cherry tree
and metaphors in discreet onomatopoeias, will turn our entire
senses in epithets using our barbarian amour as grammar.


bunch of emotions organized in words

what's sealed there, it's felt here deeply