un p’tit je ne sais quoi

One day, somebody asked me, — “what do you feel when you listen to a song...”, — “emotions...”, “...deep kind”, I replied, at once. But you see, my feelings were much more complex to be expressed in just one word, and yet enough to highlight my POV, at that time… (hmm, really… to be only that...)

Sad but True, I can affirm that I've been pissed off a little. So I left my mind to navigate till it met that moment… a moment which made me decide to start a blog and let my senses lop about.

To be operative, I created it under the name, CocoDeepBlue. Then, (after a while), I changed my mind and I marched to something else that sets to KᵉᵉᵖOⁿKᵉᵉᵖⁱⁿᵍOⁿ, thinking that fits better with the concept of my fantasy, but also that will adjust my work to have a niche with an unlimited genre. Not to mention will make me claw instantly my way out if someone will try to put me in a box.

I understood that wasn't enough for words to seem easy to be written, I also got to do to fit them in a something posy kind to express that certain thing, wrapped in a snazzy title… that's how it blossomed — un p’tit je ne sais quoi — because in the background will always be some melodic lines that will intensify an inviting moment.

So for whatever could rise and before to take a look at the visionary segment of my deep blue mind, where the revealed thoughts haven’t a title but rather a song, I wish you a day exactly as your dreams dance in the rhythms of your imagination. I love you, hug you and kiss you through music. Do the same, (if you dare…).

Get caught with me in the whimsy of the blues, of the rock or jazz, of the indie, metal, or folk. All are flavored by their own juicy substitutions, and well-spiced by known artists or less but with undeniable artistic's abilities. Simpler, build with me castles in the sky using the hypothesis offered by a melody or an illustration, or by some tiny wise flashes of others… of yours.

Let's achieve together a few shards of visions at whatever existing moment by aromatizing a part of our free time till a new magical potion with drops of any kind of tints detected in an extraordinarily cinematic narration, nicely connected at some level and well-placed between reality and dreams, will lead us at another moment, using the cadence of fantasy, profoundly anchored… somewhere…

Thereby, if some of those echoes lit your path and brought you here, tempting you to get in, then go on. Feel free to free yourself. Explore me. Explore My PoeticEssences.

if you ever asked yourself why you can't sleep, — i'm the reason…🆗