sing a song of love to me

You said I will forget you,
but you forgot to mention
in which life.
Which's the universe
without any remember about
the whispers of your eyes,
the sweetness of your lips...?
And why...?
Why while I think of you,
I miss you more and more,
over again... at endlessly?

You said that I'll forget you…

Then tell me in which galaxy
this fact will really happen and
I will lose myself into a laxity
forgetting your smile,
your gaze... — and your kisses
forgetting all and any memory
and swear I'll let 'em crushing in
thousand shards like your wills
exactly as you wished, —

[me, like a beggar, begging you

You said that I'll forget you
but you've been wrong... —
I never stopped looking for you...
and sure I never will...
Chris Rea │ Nino Ferrer

bunch of emotions organized in words

what's sealed there, it's felt here deeply