Would you love a girl who laughs at anything and could be
noisy for is hiding tears of pains in her solitary soul? [He did it].
Would you encourage and determine her to feel precious? [He did it].
Would you love a nitpicker girl who underestimates herself and
calls you at unexpected hours weeping? 1...5678! Shout! [He did it].
Would you be able to love a girl with inferiority complexes? [He did it].
Would you teach her to not compare herself with others? [He did it].
Would you show her how cool, unique, and different is she? [He did it].
Would you love a girl with a lot and plenty of painful secrets? [He did it].
Would you listen to her, hours, snuggling her with all your love? [He did it].
Would you love her because she dreams of that love depicted
in books, one that provokes butterflies in your stomach? [He did it].
Would you love her because she isn't afraid to be different? [He did it].
Exactly what would you do for the love of this kind of girl? [He did it].
[Someone did it. He divinized and loved that girl in absolute. Trust in me.
That girl it's inspired now thanks to him to write memories from a future]
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Butterfly Boucher

bunch of emotions organized in words

what's sealed there, it's felt here deeply