spinning my mind

spinning my mind for you to find me...
i began dreaming you're searching for me

not being enough fastly, i used my tricks
and sent my eyes' tones on your dark sky

with my lips, — [having smoothly touch
of the sun's beam], i kissed your eyelids

do you feel a crystalline and playfully smile
walking through your blood? well, it's mine

hear alluring sighs in your eardrums... —
they are for you to memorize my name

if you sniff a scent, — it's my body's one
cruised with my gentleness' wind on you

all of me signify a hallucinogenic silhouette
metastasized thru all cardinal directions

and is surveilling you and is waiting for you
and will bringing you to me in an [ultrarêve]
✓✍🏻 ;₎₎
un p'tit je ne sais quoi © coco

[Yello‧Swiss] │ Selah Sue │ AaRON

bunch of emotions organized in words

what's sealed there, it's felt here deeply